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Blond Defense Platinum Hair Color Maintenance Treatment Kit 2 Itens - Lissé

by Lissé
Shampoo - Exclusively developed for hair that has gone through different lightening processes, such as bleaching, stripping highlights and highlights. Enriched with D panthenol and collagen for vitamin replacement and sealing of sensitized wires. Redensifies thread by thread leaving them stronger and brighter By cleansing the wires With lissé hair defense Blond Platine shampoo The wires have become more permeable and free of undesirable metals for the perfect shade.

Mask-Lissé Professionals hair defense blond platine Mask regular deposition Of essential assets to the hair increasing its density Natural nutrition.

How to Use:
Shampoo - with wet hair, apply a sufficient amount, massage gently until foam is fully formed. If you prefer, reapply the shampoo. Rinse well then apply the lissé hair defense Palatine Mask.

Mask - Apply Professional Hair Defense Blond Platine Mask, starting from roots to ends, gently gloving hair strands, for 5 minutes. Slide your fingers in until they are perfectly untangled, leave a 15 minute break. After this period, emulsify gradually adding water. Rinse well.

01-Shampoo Lissé Hair Defense Blond Platine -300 mL;
01-Lissé Hair Defense Blond Platine -500g Mask;