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Brazilian Original Organic Formol Free Progressive Brush Treatment 1L - LLUM


Alisa 100% Any Hair Type Full color and chemical compatibility. Recovers the cuticle, developing the smooth and flat surface, which ensures shine without the use of silicone to mask irregularities. The product is silicone-free. Due to the recovery of the cuticle layers, hair, shine, softness and serosity are returned to the hair, leaving them with new looks and appearance. This is due to the presence in the MLISS product, of high molecular weight polysaccharides, specific in the repair function. (filling) of the cracks and fissures that occur in the cuticles due to external agents such as solar radiation, wind, excessive drying of the hair, various chemical treatments, etc ... With the repair of irregularities, the cuticle returns to its smooth surface and flat, which returns the natural shine to the hair. Reinforcing the work of polysaccharides (scales repair). Returns the internal structure of the hair, Mass (Internal Keratin) and chemical bonds responsible for hydration. Can be used in children and pregnant women.

-01 LLUM Organic Formol Free Progressive Brush 1L