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Waterproof Hair treatment 3x500ml Kit - Hi Haircare

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Hair treatment kit for hair with frizz. Kit Hi Hair Care Waterproof 3 Steps offers alignment and volume reduction of the hair.
Hi Hair Care Waterproof 3-Step Kit has a formula enriched with natural actives from the Amazon rainforest, which promotes shine, hydration, smoothness and even combats frizz. The realignment process occurs through the performance of product assets plus biotechnology in hydrogen bonds combined with a heat source. All of this naturally causes denaturation, leaving the primary structure of the hair intact and providing protection and hydration.

How to Use:

Wash your hair twice with the Deep Clean shampoo (step 1) and leave the break time for 5 minutes, rinse thoroughly and, with the help of the towel, remove 70% to 80% of the hair's moisture. Then, apply approximately 50ml of Smoothing shampoo (step 2) over the entire length of the hair and make massage movements until you obtain a dense and abundant foam, without rubbing the scalp too much. Leave on for 20 minutes and rinse thoroughly. After applying step 2, apply Smooth Touch (step 3) to the damp hair, lock by lock, massaging them. Wait for about 5 minutes and rinse well. Finally, dry your hair 100% with a hairdryer. Separate thin strands and flatten the strands from root to tip 10 to 12 times at a temperature of 180 ° C to 230 ° C (or from 375 ° F to 450 ° F).
Vegan cosmetics
Cruelty free
100% natural products
Natur tech concept
Encouraging a sustainable economy - favoring the economy in cities
riverside and reforestation of deforested areas
Extraction of national plant assets (Brasileiros - Amazônia)
We connect beauty to nature


01 Hi Hair Care Waterproof 1 Deep Clean - Shampoo 500ml
01 Hi Hair Care Waterproof 2 Smoothing - Shampoo 500ml
01 Hi Hair Care Waterproof 3 Smooth Tough - Hair Mask 500g