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Honma Tokyo H-Bond Protector Kit 2x 300ml / 2x 10.1 fl oz


The H-Bond Protector range is a novel system designed to protect and restructure hair during bleaching, lightening, and discoloration treatments. It effectively prevents damage to the hair fiber and maintains hair quality throughout the therapy, providing essential care after whitening. The N-Bond component repairs and neutralizes the hair fiber, resulting in stronger, shinier, and silkier hair with natural elasticity and long-lasting hydration.

The primary action of this range is to protect hair during oxidative processes. It contains keratin, macadamia oil, amaryllis flower extract, and saline solution as its key assets. The benefits of using this range include hair restructuring, repair, and neutralization.

The package includes one bottle of H-Bond Protector Step 1 (300ml) and one bottle of H-Bond Protector Step 2 (300ml).