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Professional Innovator Neutralizing Emulsion Straight 100ml - Itallian Hair Tech

The Innovator Straight Hair Neutralizing Emulsion with peroxide-based rinse is rich in vitamin E, glycerin and lanolin. The product provides greater freedom during the smoothing and / or relaxation processes, neutralizing the threads perfectly.

Indicated to neutralize relaxation / straightening processes performed with the Innovator Straight Hair Relaxation Cream. It interrupts the chemical action and preserves the health of the hair. It acts at the time of rinsing the relaxer with the replacement of nutrition and action that prevents the breakage of the hair with the increase in hair resistance and repair of damaged protective cuticles.

The new innovator line is formulated with modern and technological assets that transform and treat hair. You will be amazed at the performance of each product within our powerful hydration service.

How to Use:
After using the Innovator Straight Hair Relaxation Cream, apply the product all over the hair, lock by lock. Leave it on for at least 15 minutes and then rinse.

-01 Itallian Hair Tech  Innovator Neutralizing Emulsion Straight Hair 100ml