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Naturelle Royal Jelly Home Care Kit 3x 300ml / 3x 10.1 fl oz

The Royal Power kit provides a hair treatment that can repair hair damage from the first use. It facilitates a thorough restoration of the strands, nourishes and repairs the hair cuticles that have been damaged by chemical processes, external factors, and oxidative agents. Instructions for use:
Shampoo - Wet your hair and apply an adequate amount of shampoo, gently massaging it along the length of your hair. Rinse and repeat if necessary before rinsing again.

Conditioner - After washing your hair, apply an adequate amount of conditioner to your clean, wet hair, gently massaging it along the entire length of your hair. Leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing it off thoroughly.

Leave-in - Apply to the length of your dry or damp hair and style as desired.

-01 300ml Shampoo
-01 300ml Conditioner
-01 300ml Leave-in