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Professional Discoloration Dust-Reduced 9 Tones Blue Powder Vithet 500g - Tyrrel

by Tyrrel

Blue bleaching powder that ensures fast, uniform and progressive whitening. Developed to be used in all techniques of locks, reflections, ballayages, stripping and lightening of hair.

How to Use:
Place the contents of this package in a non-metallic container. Little by little, add 20 or 30 volumes hydrogen peroxide in a 1: 3 ratio, that is, for each part of the bleach add three parts of hydrogen peroxide. Mix until smooth.
Important: Do not keep leftovers of the prepared product.

The application should be done on dry and unwashed hair.
Apply the mixture with a brush, strand by strand, according to the chosen technique.
Pause time: It should be controlled by the professional according to the desired degree of whitening (approximately 50 minutes).

-01 Tyrrel Vithet Blue Bleaching Powder 500g