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Tyrrel Densy Age Renew Kit

by Tyrrel

The Densy Age line offers a therapeutic solution for anti-aging, scalp and hair shaft treatment. It utilizes advanced biomimetic actives with high molecular concentration to minimize damage and prevent oxidative effects caused by chemical, environmental and mechanical processes. This treatment is recommended for devitalized, fragile and aged hair that has undergone bleaching, acid and alkaline chemical straightening, coloring, henna, afro perm, flat iron/piastra, babyliss, dryer, or excessive traction. These actions can cause protein denaturation, structural and lipid loss of the hair fiber, hence the need for washing and continuity of our treatment cycles to minimize damage to protein structures. Suitable for all hair types, the package includes 01 Shampoo (1L), 01 Mask (480g), 01 Finisher Liquid (200ml), and 01 Sérum (30ml).