Best Brazilian Treatments for Different Types of Curly Hair

Best Brazilian Treatments for Different Types of Curly Hair

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Best Brazilian Treatments for Different Types of Curly Hair

Brazilian hair treatments originated in Brazil in 2005 and have since become the most sought after hair treatments in professional salons around the world. Brazilian treatments include Brazilian Blowouts and Keratin Treatments and are respectfully regarded as luxury hair treatments suitable for all hair types. However, Brazilian Blowout treatments are especially favored by those with curly, unruly hair types for its hair smoothing results.

According to Eric Rosado, Artistic Director at Ted Gibson Salon in New York City, “Brazilian Keratin treatments are the best option for de-frizzing and smoothing curly hair.”

Keratin Treatments and Brazilian Blowouts are equally beneficial and both provide amazing results for women with curly hair of all hair types including coarse, frizzy, dry and fine hair.

Brazilian Blowouts are highly regarded for their hair-smoothing results without causing damage to the hair follicles, even if the hair is currently damaged by previous treatments not performed by a professional.  Keratin Treatments provide smoothing, curl-softening, semi-permanent results for beautifully straight locks that are long-lasting and effortlessly maintained. Keratin Treatments infuse the hair follicles with Keratin, a family of proteins that allow your hair to remain healthy, shiny and voluminous.

Brazilian Blowouts and Keratin Treatments alike remove frizz, create beautiful shine, seal in color and decrease blow dry time, affording you an effortless look without the added effort.

When considering Brazilian hair treatments, it’s important to note that the chemicals used are as important, if not more so, than the experience of the salon and stylist you entrust to perform your hair treatment. With that said, be sure that your stylist uses high-quality products that are formaldehyde-free and provide healthy proteins and moisture to ensure your results are long-lasting and effortless.