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Absolut Recovery Keratin Hair Resistance Cauterization Treatment Kit 2x500ml - Souple Liss

The Souple Liss Professional Hair Purification Shampoo is a revolutionary product that uses innovative technology to open up the hair cuticles, preparing them for the capillary cauterization process. This ensures that your hair is ready for treatment, resulting in a better outcome.

The Keratin Absolute Repair Souple Liss Professional is designed to fill the hair fiber and provide a final finish by closing the cuticle. This leaves your hair stronger, more resistant, and healthier. The formula is enriched with quinoa, rice, and keratin proteins, as well as over 10 amino acids, ensuring a fast and efficient treatment that delivers results.

This set includes one 500ml bottle of Absolut Recovery Shampoo and one 500ml bottle of Absolut Recovery Keratin, providing you with everything you need for a complete hair care routine. Try it today and experience the difference for yourself!