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Alfaparf Milano Pigments Golden Mahogany .35 90ml / 3.04 fl oz


Alfaparf Pigments Pure Pigment is a concentrated pigment suitable for all hair types. It is a versatile product that maintains, enhances and corrects hair color. When added to different hair care products, it produces a different final result in each one.

With its innovative and multifunctional formula, Alfaparf Pigments Pure Pigment can adapt to any pH. This means that it can be mixed with any shampoo, mask or conditioner to care for your hair while maintaining an intense tone. It can also be used with permanent dyes, styling products, chemical treatments and even water.

The color intensity varies according to its concentration, and the durability is equivalent to the time of the product with which it was mixed. It is perfect for those who want to give a creative touch to their hair, just tint it or keep the previous color longer.

Golden Mahogany .35 is a warm brown pigment that gives depth to dark browns and darkens light tones without going cold.

How to Use:
To use as a color maintenance treatment, mix 1ml of pigment (2 pumps) for every 10ml of shampoo, mask or conditioner. Mix well and proceed with the application of the product as usual.

To use with dyes, chemical processes, styling and other products, check the concentration indicated on the label with a professional.

It should not be used with bleaching powders or very dense modeling pastes.

It should not be applied directly to the scalp.

Before use, check for possible allergies by doing the touch test. Apply a small amount of the product to the inside of the forearm and wait 24 hours. If there is no reaction, proceed with using the toner.

-01 Pigments Golden Mahogany .35 90ml