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Brazilian Professional Hair Treatment Anti Frizz Argan Oil 60ml - Forever Liss


Forever Liss Argan Oil it has been developed for all types of hair, leaving it super hydrated, light, soft, silky, without frizz and avoiding the formation of split ends. It promotes shine, intensifies the color leaving the radiant color, repairs damaged fibers and protects the threads restoring their elasticity. Awarded as one of the best Argan Oils by the group "Beauty in Hair Stylist" that brings together best professionals from Brazil and the world to test different products, because of that Argan Oil Forever Liss is already at the head of several celebrities and women from all over Brazil.

- Argania: Moroccan Gold, extracted Ultralight oil that provides nourishment and smooths the cuticles of the threads, protects hair from damage caused by thermal heat and chemical processes as well as helps to restore worn and damaged hair.

- Vitamin E: Combats the aging of hair fiber, favoring shine, softness and resistance to hair. Because it is very concentrated and pure, it is immediately absorbed and does not leave the greasy threads;

- Promotes natural hydration and strengthens the hair fiber inside and out;
- Leaves the color alive revitalizing the threads with reflections and lights;
- Even on humid days, Argan Oil does not leave the formation of frizz on the hair;
- Prevents the formation of split ends;
- Rich in fatty acids and Vitamin E with antioxidant power;
- It is not greasy, so it will have excellent results in even oily hair;
- Seals the hair cuticles, providing shine, softness, silkiness and natural balance;
- Ideal to be applied before and after any treatment decreases chemical aggressions on the hair.

How to use:
- Daily Hydration: Spread a few drops of Argan Oil on the palm of your hands and spread it over the entire length of the hair, moisturizes and prevents dryness.
- Wire Rejuvenation: For a homemade hydration that is identical to that of a salon, apply a few drops of Argan Oil, the amount needed for use on your hair and spread it over the entire length of the hair. Let it act for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse, the perfect result of softness, nutrition and silkiness.
- Post Coloring, Brush or Flat Iron use: After these processes, spread a few drops of Argan Oil all over the hair, offering thermal protection and reducing the aggressions caused by the effects of chemicals, brighter colors and much more hydrated hair.
- Finisher: After styling, apply Argan Oil to the hair, reinforcing the ends thus avoiding the formation of split ends and the formation of frizz. Provides shine, protection and hydration all day.
*Professional Tip:
- Once a week or every 15 days before washing your hair with Shampoo, heat the quantity of a dessert spoon of Argan Oil in the microwave for 5 seconds and pass it through the hair, massaging strand by strand.
- Wait for about an hour and wash your hair.

-01 Forever Liss Argan Oil 60ml.