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Sorali Argilo Detox - Finisher Fluid Control Energizing Spray - 60ml / 2 fl oz

by Sorali

The exclusive formula of this antiseptic and antifungal product acts as your ally, promoting growth and increasing volume while reducing itching and addressing oily, dry, or flaky scalps. It contains a blend of 27 powerful actives that are healing, soothing, and stimulating. With frequent use, you will notice an increase in hair growth within the first month.

This product can be used on small scalp wounds caused by itching, sensitivity, or even burns from styling tools. Sage, rosemary, and other actives have a drying and healing effect, promoting quick and effective healing.

It can also be used on the face to control oiliness and dry out acne-prone skin. The active ingredients include Melaleuca Oil and Soy Polypeptides.

To use on hair, apply Fluid Control directly to the scalp and massage lightly. It can be used daily on dry or damp hair. To use on the face, spray directly onto the skin or use a cotton pad soaked with the product. Make circular movements to aid absorption and wait for the skin to dry completely before continuing with your usual routine.

This product contains 01 Argilo Detox Fluid Control 60ml.