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Low Poo Moisturizing Curl Activator #EuDeCachos Wavy Finisher 500ml - Anjore

by Anjore

Anjore Profissional's #Eu Curls line came to revolutionize the treatment of wavy, curly and curly hair. Enriched with Coconut Oil, a highly hydrating and nourishing active, it still has the benefits of Vitamin E and Collagen, in addition to being free of sulphates, parabens and petrolatums, which promote a gentle cleaning, without removing the natural protection of the wires. In addition, it also promotes hydration without weighing, capable of defining curls, fighting frizz.

Offers hydration to the wires for 24 hours with the rescue of shine, definition of curls and malleability so that they have a natural balance without deforming, in addition to keeping the curls modeling safe from frizz, by keeping cuticles sealed and retaining water longer inside the fiber. All this without leaving the hair overloaded or with residues, so that it is soft and with constant shine.

Coconut Oil and Vitamin E: antioxidant and emollient agents, which protect the hair and restore hydration and elasticity.

Collagen: recover the elasticity of the cortex and maintain hydration for much longer.

How to use:
Apply the curl activator to damp and clean hair evenly and mash the strands from bottom to top to activate the curls.


-01 Anjore #Eu De Cachos Curls Activator 500ml