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Bio Care Home Care Daily Hair Softness Treatment Kit 2x1L - Maria Escandalosa

Maria Escandalosa Bio Care Shampoo promotes a revitalizing and deep cleansing experience for your hair, removing all accumulated residues and preparing your locks for the Maria Escandalosa Bio Care Conditioner. This shampoo also restores substances necessary for the health of your hair that may have been lost due to chemical processes. It contains natural extracts that act to recover the strength and shine of your hair, providing deep hydration and leaving it light, soft, and healthy.

The Maria Escandalosa Bio Care Conditioner is perfect for daily use, as it works by filling the fiber porosity, controlling volume, and returning flexibility and softness to your hair. Its therapy with silicones and sunscreen promotes reconditioning and protection against external actions, effectively providing exuberant shine and softness.

To use, simply apply a sufficient amount of Bio Care Shampoo to damp hair, massaging gently before rinsing. If necessary, repeat the procedure and follow up with the Bio Care Conditioner for hydration. After washing your hair with the Bio Care Shampoo, apply the Bio Care Conditioner to the entire length of your hair, let it act for 5 to 10 minutes, and rinse thoroughly. Finish as desired.

This set includes 1L of Maria Escandalosa Bio Care Shampoo and 1L of Maria Escandalosa Bio Care Conditioner.