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Robson Peluquero Home Care Black / Silver Kit 2x300ml / 2x 10.1 Oz + Finisher 250ml / 8.45 Oz

The Kit Robson Peluquero Black Toner is formulated with exceptional actives, including Moroccan Argan oil and a rich blend of amino acids. This powerful formula contains pigments that effectively neutralize unwanted tones in bleached and blonde hair, making it ideal for those seeking to achieve a more balanced and natural look. The Kit Robson Peluquero Black Toner provides long-lasting color durability, ensuring that your hair looks vibrant and healthy for longer periods of time.

To use, simply apply the Black Shampoo to damp hair and massage until hair is clean. Repeat if necessary. Next, apply the Silver Matizing Mask to each strand of hair, massaging until the desired tone is achieved. Leave on for 5 to 45 minutes, depending on the hair's porosity and waterproofing. Rinse with water and finish as desired.

The Finish Hair Luminous is a high-tech finisher, thermal protector, and toning agent that contains advanced technology actives and natural pigments. It protects hair from damage caused by hairdryers and flat irons, while also conditioning and normalizing the hair's PH levels. This formula is weightless, providing softness, silkiness, and shine to the hair.

The Kit Robson Peluquero Black Toner includes the BLACK Silver Home Care Shampoo, the BLACK Silver Home Care Toning Mask, and the Robson Peluquero Luminous Black Hair Tinting Finisher. These products work together to provide colored, soft, and extremely shiny hair.