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Botica Arnica Oily Hair Strenght Shine Growth Treatment Kit 2x270ml - Bio Extratus

INDICATION: Greasy hair.

FUNCTION: Combat excess oiliness, promoting strength and balance.

RESULTS AND BENEFITS: Hair with balanced shine and normal growth.

Formulated to rebalance the natural oiliness of the hair. Provides shine, volume, strength, and flexibility to greasy hair.

How to Use: Apply to wet hair, gently massaging without rubbing the strands. Rinse well and repeat if necessary.

Developed specifically for greasy roots and dry ends. Detangles, leaving hair soft, light, and well-balanced.

How to Use: After shampooing, apply the conditioner throughout the length of the strands, massaging gently. Leave on for 1 to 2 minutes and rinse thoroughly.