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Cresce Fio Hair Growth Treatment Home Care Maintenance Kit 5 Itens - Barrominas

The Cresce Fio range not only reduces hair loss, but also accelerates healthy growth, thickens weakened and lifeless hair, and makes it stronger, more resistant, and shiny. Suitable for all hair types, this complete treatment includes:

- 01 BARROMINAS Cresce Fio Shampoo 300ml, pH 5.5, salt-free, gentle enough for daily use, and formulated with Biovin A (an exclusive active ingredient from Barrominas), Biotin, Coffee, and D-Panthenol. This shampoo does not contain petrolatum, dyes, or silicones, and provides a gentle cleanse for both hair and scalp.

- 01 BARROMINAS Cresce Fio Conditioner 300ml, pH 3.5, suitable for daily use, provides instant results, immediate softness, and lots of shine and strength to the hair. Formulated with Biovin A, Biotin, Coffee, and D-Panthenol, this conditioner does not contain petrolates, dyes, or sulphates, and can be used in the Low Poo technique.

- 01 BARROMINAS Cresce Fio Mask 250g, pH 4.0, without petrolatum, dyes, or sulfates, released for low poo technique, and suitable for all hair types. This ultra-deep treatment restores the hair and leaves it strong and with extreme shine.

- 01 BARROMINAS Cresce Fio Serum 70ml, pH 5.0, free of petrolatum, dyes, silicones, and sulfates. Released for No poo and Low poo technique, dermatologically tested, and the essential complement to minimize hair fall. Massage in circular motions on the scalp when applying.

- 01 BARROMINAS Cresce Fio Leave-in 200ml, pH 4.0, free of petrolatum, dyes, and sulfates, released for Low poo technique, and formulated with the exclusive Biovin A. This powerful finisher is suitable for daily use, and provides thermal and solar protection, strength, shine, and softness, while renewing the life of the hair.