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Detox System Hair Healthy Antioxidant Refresh Treatment Kit 4 Itens - Aneethun

Aneethun's Detox System Line boasts anti-pollution properties and is highly recommended for balancing scalp health, providing nourishment, and purifying hair strands. It effectively eliminates excess oil, leaving a refreshing and lightweight sensation.

Green Tea has astringent, antioxidant, and anti-free radical properties, which stimulate peripheral microcirculation. Ginger, on the other hand, has antiseptic, decongestant, and refreshing properties. Minerals combat free radicals and promote hair follicle health, while Apricot Seeds have detoxifying properties.

The Detox System effectively detoxifies the scalp and hair strands, fights excessive oiliness, stimulates peripheral microcirculation, and promotes hair follicle cell growth. It also has anti-pollution properties, unclogs pores, and eliminates residues. The Ice Lotion has a refreshing and bactericidal effect, while the Balm conditions hair and can be used with or without rinsing. The professional Hair Detox service exfoliates hair and can be used as a pre-service for other Aneethun lines. The Scalp Scrub and Refresh Shampoo are ideal for purifying hair after swimming in the pool or beach, thanks to their chelating agents that attract chlorine and salt ions.

The package includes:
01 - Aneethun Refresh Detox System Shampoo 300ml
01 - Aneethun Ice Scalp Detox System Lotion 150ml
01 - Aneethun Multifunctional Detox System Balm 250g
01 - Aneethun Purifying Exfoliating Detox System 500g