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Discoloration Hydrogen Peroxide Emulsion OX Premium Collor 10V 900ml - Anjore

by Anjore

Revealing Emulsion, lightly scented, developed to be used in preparations of coloring, discoloration and capillary tints.

How to use:
Use in hair dyes and discolorations according to the manufacturer's instructions. Strictly follow the instructions for use and do the touch tests and locks before applying.

Touch Test: Apply a small amount of the product behind the ear or on the forearm, leaving the indicated action time (the same time you will leave during the procedure), then wash the area. If, 24 hours after taking the test, skin irritation, itching, burning in or near the area, hypersensitivity is proven, therefore the product should NOT be used by this person.

-01 Anjore  OX Premium Collor 10V 900ml