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Eaê Cosmetics Colors Brown Mask 500g / 16.9 fl oz


Who has never had doubts about coloring their hair? Say goodbye to beauty dictatorship! You don't have to conform to skin color or age to achieve a modern and trendy look. That's why we've created "Eaê Bora Colorir?" - a hydrating mask that's free from ammonia. In the hands of a creative person, this mask can create various shades and styles.

Instructions for use:
Wear gloves and apply the Eaê! Coloring Mask to bleached or dyed hair. It can be applied to dry hair before shampooing. Leave it on for 10 to 20 minutes, then wash as usual. For multicolored hair, apply each color separately and avoid rinsing different colors together to prevent staining. To achieve pastel tones, simply dilute the mask in white cream. To create new colors, mix with other shades.

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