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Eaê Cosmetics Detox Green Apple Kit


The Detox Kit from Hey! Cosmetics is made up of apple extract/malic acid, ginger, and green tea extract, which aid in capillary detoxification, restoring shine and softness to the hair, removing impurities from previous chemical treatments, and preparing the hair for future treatments.

The EAÊ Detox Shampoo from Hey! Cosmetics is based on ginger, which is rich in essential oils and promotes hydration of the hair, keeping it shiny and healthy. The apple extract contains malic acid, which removes impurities and eliminates heavy metals from the hair without opening the cuticles, leaving the hair smooth and not porous. This shampoo cleanses the hair and scalp, promotes blood circulation and detoxification, and removes all chemicals and excess products used in hair.

Eaê's Nutritious Detox Gelatin from Hey! Cosmetics replenishes hair lipids, promotes detoxifying hydration, conditions, recovers health, strength, and gives intense shine to hair. This gelatin is developed to treat all types of hair and combat an overload of toxins and impurities, such as chlorine in water, pollution, sun rays, and excessive use of cosmetics. It is an effective treatment that regulates excessive oiliness and residues of contaminants adhered to the hair.

To use, apply Eaê's Detox Moisturizing Shampoo along the entire length of wet hair, massaging until it forms foam, rinse the hair, and repeat the process if necessary. Then apply Eaê's Detox Nutritious Gelatin, massaging the hair gently. Let it act for 5 minutes for maximum hydration, then rinse with plenty of water and finish as desired.

Green apple cider vinegar is a capillary acidifier, a product that combines technology with a high penetration power and acidity level, thus helping to nourish the hair from the inside out. It balances the pH, seals the hair fiber, and can be used alone or in conjunction with other treatments. Any type of hair can benefit from the use of acidifying, especially those that are highly damaged and therefore become more porous and rough to the touch. It controls moisture and prolongs the post-brush smooth effect.

To use, apply the desired amount of green apple cider vinegar to the palms of the hands or directly to the hair, spreading it from length to ends.

The Detox Kit includes 01 Deep Cleaning Detox Shampoo 500ml, 01 Nutritious Detox Gelatin 500g, and 01 Green apple cider vinegar 300ml from Eaê Cosmeticos.