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Sorali - Recovery Gloss Filmo Therapy Brazilian Keratin All Hair Types - 120ml / 4 fl oz

by Sorali

The hair fiber is transformed from the inside out by the innovative technology of nano capsules, unlike any other progressive treatment. The ceramic compacts the capsules inside the fiber, causing a transformation in the yarn. The hair fiber's structure is not changed or damaged by the mechanism of action.

Filmo Therapy is free of formaldehyde and other harmful active ingredients, ensuring that your hair remains healthy at all times. The oil extracted from Lotus Flower is more potent than any other vegetable oil, providing incredible shine and hydration to the hair.

ChromoCompact® technology is used in the exclusive formulation of Filmo Therapy, which prioritizes the action of the Aminic Blender. The gel consistency of the product allows for easy penetration of the hair structure, releasing Nano Technology Capsules into the hair fiber. These capsules break down and release all the emollient actives of the essential oils, which are activated by the thermal action of the board, ensuring a perfect and healthy smooth. The gel consistency facilitates the absorption of the product by the hair, and its action is faster than cream because it leaves no residue after application.

Filmo Therapy contains blue and violet pigments in its composition, which means that it does not bleach colored hair, whether it is platinum blonde, golden blonde, red, coppery, brown, or dark.

Lotus Flower Extract is rich in essential oils, which are present within the Nano Tech Capsules. Upon breaking, these oils form a protective film around the strands, retaining not only the color and straightness of the hair but also all the hydration promoted by Lotus Flower Extract.

To use, shake the product before applying it strand by strand throughout the length of the hair, keeping half a centimeter away from the root. Spread the product evenly until all the hair is moistened, but do not apply it to the scalp. Leave it on for 30 to 40 minutes, then dry with the scrubbers at low (warm) temperature and plank with an iron board in thin wicks 12 to 15 times. Note the condition of the hair to adapt the ideal temperature.

For blond, colored, fine, or dry hair, use a temperature of 180º and plank 12 to 15 times. For resistant, thick, or Afro hair, use a temperature of 220º. Rinse and finish as desired.

The package contains Sorali Filmo Therapy Recovery Gloss 120g.