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Fogazza Cosmetics Dr. Therapy Deep Hair Mask Lifting 500g / 17.63 fl oz

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This product is a 100% therapeutic and enzymotherapeutic capillary BTX, containing the pineapple enzyme, Bromelain, which acts as a catalyst to enhance results. Its formula is enriched with a blend of noble amino acids, panthenol, and natural oils such as Ojon, coconut, grape seed, linseed, and jojoba, among others.

The BTX Hair Lifting Dr. Therapy is a nano-technological product that presents high performance in all hair types. It provides intensive repair that aims to replace the amino acids and nutrients lost due to the use of chemical processes or natural wear and tear, restoring the hair fiber. It also reduces volume, seals, and straightens hair, resulting in a superior final finish with more shine and naturalness.

This product has an advantage over formaldehyde-based brushes as it guarantees excellent results without generating any smell or smoke. To use, diagnose the hair to assess the type, condition of the fiber, texture, color, wear, etc. Wash your hair with Deep Cleaning Shampoo Dr. Therapy two to three times until the hair is clean and free of residues. Dry about 80% with a hairdryer, aligning the strands.

Apply Scalp Protector Dr. Therapy all over the scalp whenever you perform any type of chemistry to protect it from possible aggressions and allergies. Weigh about 60 grams of the BTX - Lifting Capillary Dr. Therapy (depending on hair length). With the aid of a brush, apply the product half a centimeter from the root, strand by strand, using a fine-toothed comb to better distribute the product.

Leave to act for 50 minutes and rinse around 70% of the product. Remove excess water only with a towel and apply Botucatu Essential Use Dr. Therapy before completely drying the hair. Completely dry the hair with the dryer and brush, aligning the strands. Carefully flat iron the hair strand by strand, very finely, 7 to 10 times each strand with a flat iron at 200°C (392°F) to avoid damage to the hair. Finish the procedure as you wish.

This product contains 01 Dr. Therapy Deep Hair Mask Lifting 500.