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Fogazza Cosmetics Dr. Therapy Shampoo 1L / 33.8 fl oz


This shampoo has been specially developed to deeply cleanse the capillary cuticle and control oiliness, preparing the hair for the straightening process. With a pH of 6-7 and no addition of sodium chloride or parabens, it gently opens the hair cuticles. The formula includes collagen, silk protein, menthol, and vitamin E.

The benefits of using this shampoo include gentle cleansing of the hair and scalp, effective removal of product residues, purification of the hair and scalp for a prolonged feeling of cleanliness, a soothing and refreshing effect, and antioxidant and anti-aging properties. It also prepares the hair for treatments such as Dr. Therapy and hair treatment schedules.

This product contains one 1L bottle of Deep Cleaning Shampoo Dr. Therapy.