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Salvatore Gold Xpress Treatment Home Care


Gold Xpress Home Care balances the physiological pH of the fiber allowing a pH that is alkaline or very acidic to return to its stability. Its assets and results enable Gold Xpress to be used before and after any chemistry.
Gold Xpress Home Care is absolutely indispensable for chemically treated hair. This Home Care normalizes the pH of the yarns leaving them with the same resistance of a natural yarn and guaranteeing the durability of the smoothing. Ideal for daily maintenance after straightening or discoloration.

Its main advantages are:

• Stabilization of post-smoothing pH or various chemical processes;
• Returns the perfect organization of the chains;
• Protects the physiological structure of the fiber.

How to use:

1) With wet hair apply evenly the Gold Xpress Shampoo to the hair massaging gently. Distribute the product from the root to the tips without rubbing the hair fiber. Rinse with cold or lukewarm water by completely removing the product. Repeat the process. After cleaning remove excess water and apply the Gold Xpress Salvatore Pre and Post Chemistry Mask.

2) With damp hair, apply the Gold Xpress Mask wick lengthwise to the ends. With the help of a medium comb distribute evenly. Let it act for 5 to 20 minutes. Rinse with cold or lukewarm water by completely removing the product.

Very Important Tips:

1) Do not use plank on damaged hair, because the high temperatures of the equipment added to the mechanical pull of its use on the hair can damage the hair fiber.

2) Do not twist the cord by removing excess water as it may damage the hair fibers. Dry the hair with the care and care that the hair deserves.



1 - Gold Xpress Preparatory Shampoo 480ml
1 - Gold Xpres Mask 250ml