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Hidrat Argan Home Care Maintenance Kit 3x500ml - Tree Liss

Hidrat Shampoo Argan 500ml:
indicated for daily maintenance promotes perfect hygiene of the hair and the scalp, conferring hydration with lasting effect. Elaborated with cassava, promotes luster, softness and silky. It contains no salt.

Conditioner Argan 500ml:
Moisturizing Argan Conditioner indicated for daily care, acts revitalizing the newly washed hair promoting disentangling making them softly soft. Elaborated with cassava, it restores the damaged points of the yarns making them stronger and brighter.

Hidrat Argan 500g Mask:
It promotes revitalization and intensive hydration of the threads, enhancing the luster and suppleness making them soft and silky. Elaborated with cassava, nourished the damaged yarns leaving them stronger, healthier and emollient.

How to Use:
With the hair washed twice, remove all the excess with the towel, apply the Hidrat Mask Argan doing the glove, let it act for 5 minutes and rinse, finish as you wish.