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Home Care Tourmaline Anti Frizz Kit 3 Products - Perfect Liss


Kit Tourmaline Home Care

In the hair, the Tourmaline when heated emits negative ions that neutralize the positive ions creating a physical stability. This potentiates the action of cosmetic products which, added to the various reconstruction aids, condition the hairs making them smoother, shiny and completely free of frizz. Tourmaline for its properties is the main technology of the products Visat Hair Professional, leader and pioneer in its use in the hair market.

- Antifrizz Tourmaline Shampoo Home Care Perfect Liss: The Perfect Liss Shampoo Tourmaline Antifrizz is intended for the maintenance of hair after treatment. It provides controlled cleansing in the hair fiber, prolongs the smooth effect on the hair and helps intensify the shine and leaves the hair fit to receive various treatments.

- Antifrizz Home Care Perfect Liss Tourmaline Conditioner: Perfect Liss Tourmaline Antifrizz Conditioner contains formula combined with Tourmaline and conditioning agents, which treat the interior of the hair, seal the cuticles of the hair, help control the volume and prolong the smooth effect. The results of Perfect Liss Turmalina Antifrizz Conditioner are naturally disciplined, healthy hair with softness.

- Leave-In Tourmaline Antifrizz Home Care Perfect Liss: The Leave-In Perfect Liss Tourmaline Antifrizz has an effective UV filter. Its formula is combined with Tourmaline and Macadamia, which protects hair against heat and against day-to-day damage. It helps in reducing the volume, frizz and prolongs the smooth effect. The hair is flexible, disciplined with shine and softness.

Perfect Liss's Antifrizz Tourmaline Home Care Kit provides smoother, shiny and completely frizz-free hair.

01 - Shampoo 400ml
01 - Conditioner 400ml
01 - Leave- In 250ml