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Kamaleão Color PPG Lindinha Hair Perfume 30ml / 1 fl oz


The Powerpuff Girls have teamed up with Kamaleão Color, creating the most vibrant universe in Brazil. Their mission? To save your hair! The Super Capillary Perfume is the perfect ally to combat external odours such as smoke, cigarettes, grease and pollution. Not only does it bring shine and softness to your locks, but it also doesn't leave them oily. You'll definitely want to add this to your collection! Lindinha has a fresh aroma. To use, simply spray the Capillary Super Perfume in the air and walk through the cloud or apply it to your strands from a distance of 15 centimetres. It's recommended to use on dry, finished hair for better hold. Avoid applying it to your scalp. If the perfume is applied too closely to your hair, it may risk staining. This product contains 01 PPG Lindinha Hair Perfume 30ml.