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Salvatore Kit Angelux Matizador Shampoo + Conditioner


The Angelux Treatment Shampoo of daily use has a special formula with physiological pH, micropigments and nano-intelligent particles that clean and prepare the yarn and color without harming or opening the cuticles. Indicated for light or discolored hair, by chemical and physical processes.

The Angelux Conditioner of daily use promotes a deep hydration and intensive treatment in light or discolored hair, replenishing the mass and restructuring the fiber damaged by chemical and physical processes. Its rich antioxidant composition and micro-pigments prevent fading and increase color durability. Indicated for treatment in light or discolored hair.

The main benefits are:

- Strengthens fiber and increases hair color durability.
- Protects and restructures blonde and red hair.
- Its rich antioxidant composition, prevents fading of the threads.
- Eliminates dryness caused by discolourations or high temperature of the board.

Using the product you can get:

- Reconstruction, tinting and deep hydration for blondes and redheads.
- Treatment for tricoptylosis (double tips).
- Replacement of capillary mass.
- Asymptomatic treatment of psoriasis.
- Finishing with rebuilding for discolourations.


1 - Angelux Treatment Shampoo 480ml
1 - Angelux Conditioner 250ml