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Black Rená Kit

by Rená
This product is all about attitude - the will to stand out and enchant. It's perfect for exuberant brunettes who are full of beauty, strength and passion. Henê Rená is your faithful companion, bringing you the power of smooth, colourful personality and the fascination of brightness. After all, every absolute brunette was born to shine! This product is designed to progressively treat and give brightness to your hair, without the use of carrot oil. To test for hypersensitivity, apply a small amount to your forearm and behind your ear, leaving it on for 60 minutes before washing it off and waiting 24 hours. If you experience any irritation, itching or burning, do not use the product.

To apply Henê Rená, simply apply it mecha by mecha, pulling with a thin comb from root to tip and covering with a plastic cap for 60 minutes. If you want a smooth effect, you can brush your hair, or if you prefer a wavy style, let your hair dry on bobs. We recommend using the product twice a week until you achieve your desired result. For retouching, only apply to the roots every 15 days, avoiding bringing it to the tips.

To keep your hair looking beautiful and black, we suggest using a weekly treatment cream of your choice, and for faster coverage of white hairs, try the Natucor tincture. With Henê Rená, you can have nourished, moisturised and soft black hair. Suitable for all hair types.