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Brazilian Straightening Treatment Shower Progressive Mask 500ml - La Bella Liss


A well-groomed hair is certainly the ideal frame for the beauty of every woman. With the rush of everyday life it may seem difficult to keep your hair clean or maintain that progressive brush, but with the Shower Progressive Hair Mask by La Bella Liss, this is an easy, practical and enjoyable task!
Enriched with coconut oil, Chia oil and Thao Monoi, it has emollient and deflating action for incredibly light, loose and shiny hair. In just 4 steps (washing, Shower Progress, conditioning and drying), the strands become aligned, smooth looking, volume free and very moving. Its formula has thermoactivated compounds, ie not only protects against the heat of the dryer and flat iron, but also enhances the effect of the progressive brush and leaves longer lasting results.

How to use:
-Wash your hair with your favorite shampoo (if possible use a clear shampoo that cleanses more deeply than pearlescent). Repeat the operation two or three more times until you feel your hair is completely clean.
-Remove excess water from the strands with a soft, dry towel, and apply Shower Progressive Mask from the roots to the ends. Allow to act for 10 to 15 minutes.
-Rinse well removing all product. Apply your favorite conditioner, let it act as directed by the manufacturer, and rinse well.
-Dry the hair thoroughly with the dryer. The more the strands are worked with the brush and dryer, the more aligned the strands will become. If you want, you can finish with the use of the board.

• Natural smooth effect;
• Protected wires from everyday aggression;
• intense brightness;
• Maximum hydration;
• silky hair;
• Salon result.

-1 La Bella Liss Shower Progressive Mask 500ml