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La Grace Home Care Maintenance Kit 4 Products - Op's Cosmetics


The maintenance line lagrace and indicated for the daily use because it promotes a perfect cleaning of the scalp preserving the integrity of the wires.

In addition its line extends the time of effect of the application of the Lagrace thermal alignment.

Shampoo Maintenance 300 ml: PH balanced. Promotes perfect cleansing of the scalp while preserving the integrity of the wires. Formula made with Sodium PCA and amino acids that together protect the hair, moisturize, condition, strengthen and repair the damaged surface layers of the hair. Contains menthol that is light refreshing and mild. It forms a moisturizing foam that gently washes leaving the hair perfectly clean and extremely soft and silky. It contains no salt.

Conditioner Maintenance 300 ml: PH balanced. Nourishes and restores hair fibers in depth. It clears, softens and gives shine to the hair. Formula developed with elastin and collagen that improves damaged structures promotes conditioning effect, increases suppleness, softness and shine, and protects against aggressive agents. Enriched with wheat germ vegetable oil that improves the flexibility and suppleness of the yarns.

Leave-in Maintenance 300 ml: pH balanced. It repairs and minimizes the formation of double ends, has anti-frizz action controlling the most rebellious wires and controls the volume of hair. Indicated for daily care. Formula elaborated with PCA and panthenol that acts deeply acting as reparative and protective improving the elasticity and revitalizing the yarn from the root to the tips. Contains active term protector and sunscreen.

Post Chemical Mask 250gr: pH balanced. Indicated for intensive revitalization of hair. Formula elaborated with pro-vitamin B5 wheat protein and cereal oil that promote intensive hydration of the wires from the root to the tips, revitalizing the shine and suppleness of the hair. You unbuttoned, conditioning and emollient, leaving your hair soft and silky.

01 - Post Chemical Shampoo - 300ml
01 - Post-Chemical Conditioner - 300ml
01 - Leave-in Post Chemistry - 300ml
01 -  Post Chemical Mask - 250ml