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Light Plex Discoloration Protector Hair Cauter Treatment Kit 3x300ml - Paiolla

by Paiolla

LIGHT PLEX 1 – BLEACH PROTECTOR - Safeguards the thread structure during the bleaching process, enabling the powder to remain in the hair for a longer time, resulting in better outcomes without harming the hair fiber. Comprised of proteins and amino acids, it preserves the hair fiber's integrity, keeping the hair healthy and resilient.

Hydration, reconstruction, and cauterization are achieved through pure amino acids.

USAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Shake well before use. For every 50 grams of bleaching powder, add 10ml of bleaching protector, mix thoroughly until homogenized, and then apply.

LIGHT PLEX 2 – MASS REPLACEMENT - Provides hair mass replacement after bleaching, pH rebalancing, and cuticle sealing, leaving the hair strong, healthy, and aligned. Made with a blend of amino acids and oils, it increases hair hydration and wetting, preserving the hair fiber's resistance, providing nutrition, shine, and vitality.

USAGE INSTRUCTIONS: After rinsing off the discoloration, apply over the entire length of the strands and envelop the hair. Let it sit for approximately 5 minutes and then rinse.

LIGHT PLEX 3 – POST CHEMICAL CAUTERIZING - Detangles, moisturizes, acts as an antioxidant, color protector, sunscreen, and post-chemical thermal protector. The conditioning and nourishing formula is made with Cauter Guard* technology, consisting of a blend of high-performance actives that provide mass restoration and replacement, strengthening, porosity reduction, color protection, emollient action, nutrition, and shine.

*Cauter Guard is composed of Creatine, Arginine, Grape, Wheat, Elastin, and Pomegranate.

USAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Spread a small amount in the palm of your hands and distribute it over the hair, starting at the ends, strands standing on end, and more exposed to the sun. Let it dry naturally or finish as usual.

CONTAINS: 1 unit of Light Plex 1 – Discoloration Protector 300ml, 1 unit of Light Plex 2 - Mass Repositor 300ml, and 1 unit of Light Plex 3 - Post-Chemical Cauterization 300ml.