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Cleaner Conditioner 5 In 1 "Comigo Ninguem pode" 400g - Lola Cosmetics

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Developed to simplify your daily cleaning routine, this formula replaces shampoo, traditional conditioner, mask, cleanser and finisher oil. This product is ideal for hair that has gone through discoloration and wicks or that are dry, with double ends and brittle.
Turn your care routine into discolored and lined hair into a unique experience. Lightweight formula, without foam, is a universal product that meets all your needs for hair care regardless of hair type. With 25% of plant extracts and sunflower oil, it gives shine and softness to stressed hair. Helps retain moisture by protecting them from future damage such as breakage and dryness. The hair becomes stronger and more manageable.

How to use:
-With your hair completely wet, place a small amount of Cleaner Conditioner on the palms of the hands and distribute it all over the scalp, working the product through the wires.
-Gently massage the scalp with your fingertips as if it were a conventional shampoo.
-Rinse. Then add a generous amount of the product to the length and ends, carefully undo the hair with the aid of your fingers or a wide-tooth comb and rinse well. If you prefer not to use any type of cream after rinsing, leave some product in the threads (your pocket thanks).
-Repeat the operation only if you feel a need for further cleaning of the scalp. 

-1 Cleaner Conditioner 5 In 1 Lola "With Me Nobody Can" 400g