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Magic Touch Smooth Hair Treatment Finisher Protection Leave-in 300ml - Paiolla

by Paiolla

The Smooth Touch Magic Leave-in is a crucial component for maintaining the continuity of hair treatment throughout the day. Its immediate effects prevent hair from drying out, detangle it, and provide greater movement with just one application. If you're in search of a leave-in product with thermal protection, this is the one for you.

The Smooth Touch Magic Leave-in contains Collagen, which helps to hydrate and rejuvenate damaged hair, as well as Coconut Oil, Panthenol, and Pracaxi, which work together to reduce frizz and control volume. This makes it an effective anti-frizz leave-in product that also offers powerful thermal protection with moisturizing properties.

In addition, it aligns hair cuticles, makes combing easier, and contains sunscreen. To use, apply a generous amount of the Hair Nutrition Leave-in to damp hair after washing with the Hair Nutrition Shampoo and Conditioner - Smooth Magic Touch. Massage from the ends to the roots, paying special attention to locks that are most exposed to the sun.

-01 Magic Touch Smooth Leave-in 300ml