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Morte Súbita Total Repair Spray 250ml - Lola Cosmetics


Complete and instant repair treatment, recovers damaged hair and double ends. Provides natural moisture of lost wires, luster, softness,anti breakage. Protection against heat, UV protection, that is, everything your hair needs to become healthy and flawless.
To become healthy and flawless. This treatment can be used alone or as a basis for other styling products.

How to use:
-After washing the hair with moisturizing shampoo remove the excess moisture with the aid of a towel, apply sudden death complete repair throughout the extension of the wires, with more intensity at the tips.
-With the aid of a comb distribute homogeneously to ensure that each yarn is coated with sudden death and thus ensure full repair of damaged, split or double-ended hair.
-After distributing the product, dry the hair with a hairdryer and a brush.
-Finally, put the piastra in wide locks, 2 or 3 times to seal the cuticles. You can repeat the treatment as many times as you wish.
Important Tip: Do not use conditioner or masks on the day of treatment. This is because the product can weigh or saturate some types of yarn, and also because it alone already accounts for the message.

-1 Total Repair Spray Morte Súbita 250ml