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Neutral Bases Hair Moisturizing Cleansing Treatment Kit 3x500 - Bio Extratus


Our shampoo and conditioner are made with gentle ingredients and enriched with natural milk proteins, making them suitable for all hair types. They cleanse and moisturize the hair while promoting a balance of nutrients, leaving it hydrated, healthy, soft, and shiny.

Our Balanced Cleaning Shampoo contains natural proteins that hydrate and enhance shine. It's gentle enough to use daily, and you should distribute it evenly over your hair, massaging without rubbing the strands. Rinse well and, if necessary, repeat the application.

Our Immediate Release Conditioner is a moisturizing formula that conditions and enhances shine. It should be used after shampooing, and for weekly hydration, apply it after the cream bath, massaging gently. For greater absorption of the actives, let it act for a few minutes before rinsing.

Our Protection and Softness Cream Bath is a moisturizing treatment developed based on milk proteins that provide protection and softness to the hair. It enhances the hair's natural shine, and you should apply it by massaging lock by lock and let it act for 10 minutes. To intensify the treatment, use a hydration cap before rinsing.

All of our products are made with neutral bases and gentle ingredients, ensuring that they are suitable for all hair types. They promote a moisturizing treatment that provides protection, softness, and enhances the hair's natural shine.