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Perfect Liss Advance Brazilian Protein Progressive Brush 3x1 (New Package) - Perfect Liss


The Perfectliss Advance line was developed to meet the needs of professionals with safety, comfort and expected results, smoothes up to 100% of the threads, does not cause fading and does not cause yarn sag. Its application does not generate smoke and it ends with the discomfort.

ForceField technology is a protective force field that acts naturally on wires against the side effects of acids and keeps hair balanced and healthy. This technology was developed by VisatHair in partnership with renowned Brazilian and US universities, including negotiation support from traditional Harvard University Boston.

Lotus Technology: It is an aquatic plant originating in the East, rich in vitamins B1 and B2, which has the power to absorb energy through carbohydrates. Its properties help with high performance to filter the water molecules, absorbing only its benefits. The Lotus is fully effective in antioxidant action and helps protect the wires from free radicals. The ForceField technology developed by VisatHair, reproduces the microsurface of this sheet, creating an invisible film that prevents fading. A real force field for the wires.

Tourmaline Technology: Tourmaline is a bio-energizing agent and catalyst that acts by emission of negative ions and creates physical stability, which neutralizes the positive ions. Its combined action to the emollient agents potentiates the antifrizz result in cosmetics, leaving the hair disciplined, shiny and completely free of frizz.

FLUID ACTION (Step 1)> Liquid formula enriched with Tannin, which has the function of preparing the hair to receive a greater amount of treatment. The hair is strengthened and fit for the action of thermo-activated procedures.

FRIZZ CONTROL (Step 2)> ​​Advanced anti-frizz control conditioner with innovative formula that combines Lotus and Tourmaline. Joints offer the hair resistance, discipline the wires, shine, softness, full volume reduction and frizz.

SMOOTHING CONDITIONER (Step 3)> Restructuring and balances hair pH. With antioxidant action it returns the natural elasticity of the yarns, replenishing nutrients and amino acids. The result is healthy hair with prolonged antifrizz action.

How to Use:
-With damp hair, apply the PerfectLiss Advance Action Shampoo, gently massaging until you notice a good amount of foam. Rinse and repeat procedure.
-Then dry the hair, split it into strands and apply Frizz Control Step 2 Perfect Liss Advance, strand by strand. After the application, cover the hair with a plastic cap and a break of about 45 minutes. After pausing, go to the lavatory and remove the product with water only.
-Dry the hair by making a brush, leaving the wires well aligned. Then separate into fine wicks and plank each wick 10 to 15 times. In case of blond or discolored hair, we recommend a slightly lower temperature.
-Finally, apply the PerfectLis Advance Conditioner Mask and a 5-minute pause. Rinse.
-Finish as you wish.

01 - Perfect Liss Advance Fluid Action 1000ml
01 - Perfect Liss Advance Frizz Control 1000ml
01 - Perfect Liss Advance Smoothing Conditioner 500g