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Potentiating Juba Gommage Texturizer Curly Wavy Hair Finisher 480ml - Widi Care


Potentiating Juba Gommage Texturizer is a product that adds definition to curly hair, while also providing thermal protection and a shiny finish. It is recommended for use as part of a hair finishing routine, with the added benefit of being safe for activating curly hair. The product contains linseed oil, hazelnut extract, and vegetable collagen, which work together to preserve the hair's cuticle layer, increase elasticity, and form a protective film that prevents dryness and helps control shrinkage.

Active ingredients include vegetable collagen, which increases elasticity, avocado oil, which provides emollient and nourishing properties, and hazelnut extract, which acts inside the hair fiber to provide emollient benefits.

To use, apply Potentiating Juba Gommage Texturizer to wet hair, and scrunch the hair for better definition. Allow the hair to dry naturally or use a diffuser with a hair dryer. For best results, use the activator alone or after applying Juba oil to still-wet strands.

This product contains 480ml of Potentiating Juba Gommage Texturizer.