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Prime Pro Extreme Impact Mask Gold 450 g / 14 Fl Oz

Luminosity is the term that defines the concept of IMPACT MASK GOLD®!

The Prime Pro Extreme® launch has hit the market to offer hydrolipidic action with radiant shine.

IMPACT MASK GOLD® has been formulated with Colloidal Gold microparticles to increase the reflection of light on the strands and enhance tones, providing radiant shine. The web effect provides greater profitability and better absorption of its assets by the threads.

Five actives have been combined to work in synergy to offer antioxidant, anti-aging, sun protection, and powerful cuticular repair, ensuring intense and long-lasting luminosity.

Collagen - a high affinity protein replacement with the capillary fiber, increases the resistance and elasticity of the threads.

Elastin - facilitates detangling, offering elasticity and a healthy appearance to the threads. Elastin increases product yield and absorption capacity.

Passion Fruit Seed Oil - with high moisturizing and emollient power, it is a remineralizing agent rich in vitamins A and C and acts as an antioxidant.

Mango Seed Oil - revitalizes dry, damaged, and lifeless hair. It has triglycerides, responsible for hydrating the wires and making them stronger.

Gold Microparticles - adhere to the surface of the fiber, reflecting extra luminosity to the hair. They also help to protect and prolong the color.

How to Use:
Moisten the hair and apply the IMPACT SHAMPOO with a web effect gesture. Massage well into the scalp and emulsify from length to ends. Repeat the procedure;

Remove excess moisture with a towel and, using a spatula, remove a small portion of the IMPACT MASK GOLD. Spread in hands and apply to hair with a web-effect gesture. Massage strand by strand;

Pause for 5 to 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

-01 Impact Gold Mask 450g