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Progressive Brush Organic Gloss Protein System Max N.Y Volume Reducer 1L - Kiron

by Kiron
Are you looking to explore other continents? The MAX N.Y. from Kiron was inspired by the city of New York, bringing special and luxurious ingredients to its formulas. Not only does it promote impeccable smoothness, but it also leaves hair extremely shiny, soft and silky. This is the ideal straightening solution for those looking for comfort, malleability and practicality with a lot of treatment. The formula contains Blueberry Extract, Goji Berry Extract and Wheat Protein that provide health and strength to the hair while straightening.

The Progressive Brush Organic Gloss Protein System by Kiron was developed to straighten and rebuild hair without the addition of formaldehyde. It promotes impeccable smoothness with a lot of shine and manageability. The exclusive formula contains blueberry extract, which is a powerful antioxidant rich in vitamin C that helps protect the hair and provides shine, softness and vitality to the hair. Goji berry extract is also included, which is rich in protein and vitamin B that help to give strength and elasticity to the hair, promoting a lot of shine. Wheat protein increases the ability of the hair to maintain nutrients in addition to replacing the mass, reducing porosity and improving the elasticity of the fiber. Together, these ingredients promote protection in the hair while smoothing the hair fiber without damaging it.

To use, start with clean and dry hair. Separate the hair into 4 parts and with the help of a brush, apply the Gloss Organic Protein System from Kiron at a distance of 1 cm from the root down to the length and ends. Let the Gloss act for at least 60 minutes, or for thicker and rebellious hair, let it act for 90 minutes. After the pause time, rinse 100% of the product with water only. Dry the hair with the aid of a dryer until the strands are completely dry. Again, divide the hair into 4 parts and continue ironing in thin strands 8 to 12 times each.

This product contains 01 Progressive Brush Organic Gloss Protein System Max N.Y 1L.