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Capillary Nutrition Complex Home Care Protect Care Kit 4 Products - Lowell

by Lowell

Treatment kit for dry or damaged hair. Lowell Protect Care Kit protects and restores hair fibers. It has a light touch that does not make hair look heavy.

It nourishes the hair fiber and forms a protective layer on the hair effectively. It also counteracts the static electricity of the wires to tame frizz and make combing easier. This leaves your hair clean, untangled and conditioned, with shine and softness.

Moisturizing Shampoo: Cleans hair without harming, deeply nourishes and moisturizes hair fibers.

Conditioner: Detangles and restores hair fibers.

Leave-in: Helps restore hair while protecting and moisturizing.

Aminofunctional Silicone: Aids in the recovery of damaged fibers, neutralizes static electricity that causes frizz and can entangle wires.

How to use:
Apply shampoo to damp hair and massage gently until frothy. Then rinse off.
Use the conditioner on clean and damp hair from length to ends, avoiding the root. Rinse.
Pass the leave-in over clean, damp hair. Avoid the root and do not rinse.

01 - Protect Care Moisturizing Shampoo 240ml
01 - Protect Care Conditioner Cream 200ml
01 - Protrct Care Nourishing Mask 240g
01 - Protect Care Leave-in 180ml