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Sorali - No Frizz Silver Therapy Brazilian Keratin Straightening Anti-yellow - 120ml / 4 fl oz

by Sorali
Introducing our Silver Therapy Liss, specially designed to smooth and reduce volume in blonde hair while also providing tinting therapy for silver and platinum strands. This innovative formula realigns the hair fiber and is enriched with amino acids and creatine loading, providing emolliency and yarn recovery for immediate restoration. The active ingredients in the composition promote intercellular cement, giving vitality to the hair.

Our Silver Therapy Liss is compatible with all chemicals and contains no formaldehyde or any of its derivatives. The actives in this formula include lactobionic and lactic acid, creatine, amino acids, and bio complex.

To use, simply apply the product to clean, dry hair, covering the fullest extent of the wires. Allow the product to sit for 40 minutes before rinsing, washing only the pigment with water. Dry and pranchar thin slivers 10 to 12 times for best results.

Each package contains 1 Sorali Silver Therapy Liss 120g. Try it today and experience the difference in your hair!