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Salvatore Tanino High Performance 500ml / 16.9 fl oz



This exclusive and concentrated formula, based on Tannin and Taninoplastia® Technology, acts by filling and rebuilding the strands when activated by the temperature of the iron and dryer. This results in hair and beards with natural smoothness and intense shine. The Tannin Molecular Reconstruction naturally aligns the hair and beard.

  • 0% Formaldehyde and Derivatives
  • Comfortable Application with no burning or smoke
  • No risk to the health of the client or professional

This treatment is indicated to align the cuticles, reduce volume, and discipline the threads. The High Performance treatment is ideal for frizzy, rebellious, curly, or wavy hair that wants to achieve a natural alignment or volume reduction. It is also used as a treatment for reconstruction and restructuring. When associated with other products in the line, it offers different services.

How to Use:

Before starting the process, perform an allergy test with the product on the forearm and back of the neck. With dry hair, apply the HIGH PERFORMANCE SMOOTHING PROFESSIONAL using a brush, lock by lock, and distribute using a fine-toothed comb. Make sure all strands are evenly wet. Let it act for 30 minutes so that all the properties of the product are absorbed. Rinse with cold or lukewarm water, completely removing the product without leaving any residue. Make a smooth brush, achieving an intense shine. Slowly flat iron in thin strands (1 cm) an average of 10 times, according to the structure and resistance of the fiber.


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