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+ Shine Hair Nourishing Moisture Softness Treatment Kit 5 Itens - Bio Extratus

Bio Extratus has created an exclusive formula for your hair using ruby cocoa, a pink fruit that provides moisture, alignment, and incredible shine. The Cocoa Ruby Nourishing range offers a variety of benefits, including moisturizing, humectant, emollient, conditioning, antioxidant, restorative, and anti-frizz properties. It softens hair texture, increases shine and softness, and combats dehydration. The range also contains algae polymers, which are a rich source of nutrients that keep hair hydrated and shiny. These polymers have a great affinity with hair fiber proteins, helping to organize damaged cuticles and restore natural shine and balance.

The Cocoa Ruby Nourishing range includes a gentle cleansing shampoo that restores natural balance, an emollient conditioner that provides immediate conditioning, an intensive hydration mask that doesn't weigh down hair, and a finisher spray with an anti-frizz formula that protects hair and leaves strands perfectly aligned.

This set includes a 250mL shampoo for shine, a 500g mask for glow, a 250mL conditioner for shine, a 240mL cuticle sealer for shine, and a 200mL finisher spray for glow.