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Skafe Keraform Hyaluronic Acid Combing Cream 1Kg / 35.27 fl oz

by Skafe

Keraform Hyaluronic Acid promotes hydration and seals the cuticles, resulting in a perfect finish with the Capillary Plastic effect. This effect provides alignment, super shine, and softness. The Keraform Hyaluronic Acid Styling Cream is suitable for all hair types, especially extremely dehydrated hair. Its exclusive formula promotes hydration retention, greater resistance, body, and regeneration of the hair fiber.

The Capillar Plastic effect is quickly absorbed by the hair due to its low molecular weight. It intensively combats dry, parched, and porous hair, resulting in noticeable softness, alignment, and super shine by replenishing moisture.

To use, apply the cream evenly on wet or dry hair and comb as usual without rinsing.

The package contains 1Kg of Keraform Hyaluronic Acid Combing Cream.