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Soller Hydra Maxx Home Care Kit

by Soller

The HydraMaxx range was created to safeguard and stimulate the hair's defenses against the effects of time that alter the capillary pH. It prevents the proliferation of harmful fungi on the scalp, protecting your immune system. Additionally, it aids in hydration, recomposition, and stimulation of hair strands, promoting healthy growth. The active ingredients in the range are ideal for treating and maintaining the diversity of the microbiota, reinforcing natural protection and contributing to the renewal of the skin and scalp.

The range includes Brown Algae Extracts - Sugars and Polyols, Green Microalgae Extract - Amino acids and peptides, Marine Exopolysaccharide - Polysaccharide, and Marine Water of the Earth - Minerals and Trace Elements.

To use, apply a generous amount of shampoo to wet hair, massage with your fingertips in circular motions, rinse well, and repeat if necessary. For clean and slightly damp hair, apply a generous amount of conditioner and leave-in, leave on for 3 to 5 minutes, and rinse thoroughly. To use as a leave-in, apply a small amount of the product after showering and comb as desired, no need to rinse. For effective hydration, leave on for 20 minutes.

The package contains 01 Shampoo 300ml, 01 Conditioner 300ml, 01 Mask 250g, and 01 Ampoule 20ml.