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Stop Damage Hair Revitalizing Softness Nourishing Treatment Kit 2 Itens - Dwell'x

by Dwell'x

Stop Damage has been specifically formulated to promote revitalisation, shine and softness. It contains nourishing, repairing and moisturising ingredients that work effectively to reconstruct damaged areas of the hair.

The main benefits of Stop Damage are:

- Repairing everyday damage
- Providing nourishment and moisture
- Strengthening the hair strands
- Imparting impressive softness and shine
- Offering formidable nutrition

Stop Damage Mask is designed to repair damage caused by everyday external aggressions and intensive hair treatments. It is enriched with nourishing and revitalising ingredients that improve damaged structures and protect against aggressive agents.

The main benefits of Stop Damage Mask are:

- Acting as a natural humectant
- Increasing malleability
- Promoting softness and shine
- Providing extensive and intensive repair
- Offering deep hydration

The set includes:

- 01 Shampoo (300ml)
- 01 Mask (250ml)