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Wire Recovery and Strength Dynamic Biotin Vitamin B5 Kit 2 Products - Lowell

by Lowell

Kit for all types of hair, especially those with hair loss or growth difficulties. Lowell Dynamic Duo Kit restores health to the scalp and hair to combat both hair loss and breakage.

The Lowell Dynamic Duo Kit activates the root circulation so that the strands grow with more strength and resistance. Its assets also help to combat irritation, peeling and dandruff. All this with a cleaning that does not dry out.

Lowell Dynamic Shampoo 240ml: cleans and stimulates the scalp to provide fortified growth and fight both hair loss and breakage.

Lowell Dynamic Conditioner 200ml: nourishes and strengthens the hair fiber while providing combing without breaking.

Biotin and Pro Vitamin B5: nourish, recover the strength of the hair and stimulate healthy growth.

How to use:
Apply shampoo to damp hair and massage until foam forms. Rinse thoroughly and repeat the procedure. Spread the conditioner along the length and ends of the damp hair after the shampoo. Massage and rinse thoroughly.

The Experts Teach - The ideal is to apply the shampoo first as it is responsible for cleaning the hair, while the conditioner detangles and intensifies the smoothing care of the line. If the application is reversed, the shampoo will remove all active ingredients from the conditioner, in addition to making the hair more difficult to comb.

-01 Lowell Dynamic Shampoo 240ml
-01 Lowell Dynamic Conditioner 200ml